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Major Record Companies Accepting Demo Reels (2019 Submissions)

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We accept demos in all genres, Submit a demo reel that represents you and that you are proud of to Major Record Companies A&R Talent Scouts looking new artists to sign to Record Deals; Artists Wanted; Musicians, Songwriters, Male / Female Singers, Actors, Actresses, Rappers, Bands, Groups Most Styles; Top 40, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Country, Bands / Groups, Drummer, Background Singers, Pianists, Keyboardists, Beat Makers, Composer, Lead / Rhythm / Acoustic Guitarists, Bassists needed for signed bands, Touring, Live Shows, Available Paid Gigs, Studio Session Recording, Auditions, Email Auditions, Singing Auditions for record contracts .:
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Demo reel tips for Premiere Pro editors Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials
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If you have a good sense of how to approach labels, you may end up with that deal you've been looking for.

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